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Healthcare on a Bitcoin Standard

Integrate a bitcoin strategy into

your healthcare business.

Start accepting bitcoin and Lightning Network payments today.

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A Bitcoin-centric Healthcare Consulting Practice 

Bitcoin and Lightning Network Education

Receive one on one training to understand what is money and how to use bitcoin and the Lightning Network.


Integrate Bitcoin Payments

Start accepting bitcoin and Lightning Network payments and develop a balance sheet and treasury strategy    at your business. 

Market Your Services
to Bitcoiners

Tap into a growing segment of consumers focused on value for value,  individual sovereignty and high quality goods and services.

Become a bitcoin company

Adopt new technology, accept bitcoin and grow your business.

Direct Primary Care Practicioners

Dentists, Surgery Centers,  Mental Health, Specialty Care.

Personal Trainers

Health tech startups

Alternative Health
Chiropractors, Functional Med




Fiat healthcare is broken.

Bitcoin fixes this.

  • The open decentralized network and 21 million supply cap of bitcoin flips incentives for healthcare market.

  • Censorship resistant, peer-to-peer digital cash significantly lowers transaction fees for users.

  • Adding bitcoin directly to your balance sheet will strengthen your business' treasury.

  • Aligning values with independent, freedom-oriented practices attracts consumers who take personal responsibility for their health.

Orange Capsules


“Jon helped educate me about bitcoin and expertly walked me through the process of the different options of how I could adopt bitcoin at my practice. Accepting bitcoin has lowered my transaction fees and enabled me to add more aligned patients to my panel. Through Jon’s vast bitcoin network, he organized speaking engagements, podcasts interviews and panels for me to share my message. I really enjoyed working with Jon and hope to see more DPC clinics integrating bitcoin soon. ”

Veronica Max, FNP
Owner, UltraPersonal Healthcare




Jon Gordon

I have 8+ years of diverse healthcare industry experience, including strategy consulting for hospitals/health systems, payor business strategy, medical supplies product management, and startup business development and sales.

I've been studying bitcoin for 3+ years and am active in the Austin bitcoin community. I believe bitcoin is the best form of money humans have ever discovered and has the potential to change our reality.

I earned a BA in Economics at Northwestern University in 2015, and completed a double masters (MS/MA) in health economics and policy at the University of Chicago and London School of Economics in 2020.

I am a certified yoga teacher, specializing in Himalayan Kriya Yoga. I have written extensively on the connection between bitcoin and yoga.

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Bitcoin payments made easy


Buying an ebike with ecash



Let’s Work Together

 The Bitcoin Commons

601 Congress Ave. Suite 250 

Austin, TX 78701

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